Estimate How Much Waste You Have

Important! 10 Gallon/50 Pound Volume Limit
Transportation law prohibits you from transporting more than 10 liquid gallons or 50 solid pounds of hazardous waste in your vehicle. Over the limit? Follow these tips:
  • Base your estimates on the actual product in the container, not the number or size of the containers.
  • Make one appointment for each waste limit (e.g., 20 gallons, 2 appointments) and then make multiple trips to the collection site or have a friend, relative, or neighbor help in a separate vehicle.
Important! 5 Gallon Size Container Limit
We can only accept containers that are up to 5 gallons in size. Is your container too big? Follow these tips:
  • Get containers that are 5-gallons in size, such as a paint bucket with a lid.
  • Transfer waste from your larger container into the smaller one. Use as many smaller containers as needed.
If you need assistance please e-mail or call (650) 372-6200.
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